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What are the best Chemicals used to clean the kitchen?

What are the best Hygiene Chemicals used to clean the kitchen?

There is no greater responsibility than protecting the guests who consume the food produced in the hotel kitchens and working areas, which is why a variety of cleaning agents are used to clean the kitchen floor, slabs and the kitchen equipment. What are all kitchen equipment cleaning chemicals required in commercial kitchens?

Following is a list of the most effective and the best kitchen cleaning chemicals for hotels and any other commercial kitchens or mess.

RAPID 10 – Rollogs TPT : Oven and grill cleaner

How often do you clean your oven or grills? Do you clean with the right cleaner/solution?

Hotel and restaurant operations depend heavily on ovens and grills. Therefore, there should be proper management and care for the best results from ovens. You can maximize the performance of the oven by keeping its interior clean. The accumulated crumbs at the bottom can be removed easily, but you can have difficulty removing baked-on fats, oil, grease, and the dried-on food soiling from the grills and the racks.

Not only from the grills and racks but also from hot plates, micro-chimney, fryers, and salamanders. To save your time and enhance the equipment’s utility, we have RAPID – 10 Rollogs TPT, the best oven and grill cleaner, as an essential kitchen cleaning chemical.

Rapid 19 – Multigrade Potwash : Concentrated manual liquid dish wash

Every hotel has a constant circulation of dishes, glasses, pots, pans, etc., to be washed and served. Each must be sparkling clean; after all, guests deserve spotless dishes and drinks. Every time you do food in a spotless clean dish, your guests feel confident about the quality and the hygiene regulations for your hotel and kitchen.

Our Dishwashing liquid Rapid-19 is environment friendly and pH neutral. No matter how many dishes you clean, you will not have dry skin left behind, ruining your skin. Our dishwashing liquid effectively kills 99.9% of germs, cuts through the animal, dairy, and vegetable fat, and leaves clean, shiny, and bright dishes.

Rapid 2 – Multipurpose Cleaner : Concentrated hard surface cleaner

You can’t hide the floors and walls of your campus, hotel or restaurant from your guests. You also can’t change the foul smell, if any. Keeping in mind about the health of your guests and maintaining the hygiene of the campus or restaurant, we have a concentrated hard surface cleaner. One of the kitchen cleaning chemicals which makes sure immediate cleaning of all soiled surfaces and neutralizes unpleasant odors.

Our Rapid-2 delivers superior degreasing of hard surfaces. This multipurpose floor cleaner removes dust, dirt, and grime from hard surfaces, leaving your floors and counters looking beautiful. In addition, the walls, floors, counters, marbles, granite, paintwork, or any other complex and the water-resistant surface can be cleaned.

Rapid 21 – Alpha Quats Levon : One step quaternary based multipurpose disinfectant

Keeping every kitchen cleaning chemical aside is the one you should have. However, if you don’t wish to own one solution for all purposes, prefer this over any other solution.

Our Rapid 21 is a cleaner and disinfectant that performs cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting duties all at once.

This product is designed to keep in mind general cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, and killing all types of enveloped viruses, including bacteria and yeasts. It can be used both on hard and soft surfaces. In short, it cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in one step.

Rapid 22 – Hand Sanitizer : Skin antiseptic and hand disinfectant 

There are many places where you can find bacteria that can make you sick, including food, kitchen utensils, counters, appliances, floors, pets, and especially your hands.

You don’t want any of your guests to fall ill after coming to your place, enjoying the food, and regret visiting the next day. If not, use our Rapid-22, made with WHO recommended formulation. The staff should definitely use the kitchen cleaning chemical to prevent COVID-19 spread.

This skin antiseptic disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs with rapid action in 10-30 seconds, retaining skin moisture.

Minimum 70% alcohol-based hand disinfectant with excellent bacterial and virucidal action. Dermatologically tested with a conditioning component to prevent dryness.

Rapid 24 – Kitchen surface cleaner cum sanitizer : Noo… Bact

Merely washing your hands frequently is not enough to prevent the spread of viruses and food poisoning. You need to clean the kitchen surface on which you keep the equipment; sometimes, you keep food material. Our Rapid-24, formulated with QAC, makes the product very effective against a wide range of microorganisms in all water conditions and Effectively cuts through grease and dried-on food soiling.

Is cleaning the chopping board with your regular dishwashing liquid enough? No.

For cutlery, mincing area, chopping boards, and all hard surfaces where the food is prepared, you should have a cleaner cum sanitizer.

Rapid 9 – Duran Descaler : Conc. cleaner for removal of limescale

To keep the operation going, it’s essential to descale dishwashing machines, steamers, boilers, water heaters, kettles, tea and coffee urns, bain maries, etc. Regular Kitchen equipment cleaning/ descaling as recommended will increase the efficiency and life of the equipment.

We can’t ignore the sink and the pipe fitting after keeping in mind the dishwashing, grill cleaning, Surface cleaning, personal hygiene, and almost the cleaning of each corner of your kitchen. Rapid-19 is a concentrated acidic cleaner formulated for effective descaling and removing limescale from kitchen equipment, utensils, and dishwashing machines. You can rely on the product as it is non-corrosively composed.

Why buy kitchen cleaning chemicals?

There is no rule or recommendation on how often a commercial kitchen is cleaned. However, if you want a healthy environment, a clean kitchen, and freshness in the kitchen, you should bring most of the kitchen cleaning chemicals explained above to regular use. All the products are worth spending because what is more important than your guests’ health and satisfaction. The application and the need to use our products are already explained. All the products are made to maintain the healthy surrounding around the staff and the visitors.

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