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Our Commitment for Hygiene Excellence

PioChem’s mission is to constantly deliver revolutionary cleaning and hygiene solutions that provide total assurance to the healthcare and hospitality industries across the global market.

We hold a strong portfolio of chemicals that opens up access to a wide variety of solutions, that are otherwise not easily available to our customers.

Sustainable cleaning, sanitation, and hygiene solutions to help keep your business, and the world, in good health.

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Our wide range of high performance cleaning products has been designed that will help save your time, resources, and money while delivering real operational efficiencies.


Laundry chemicals include pre-spotters, detergents, detergent boosters, neutralizers, bleaches, de-stainers, and fabric softeners.

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Our products are formulated to balance efficiency and surface compatibility. Ease of use is another significant quality. It’s all about effectiveness, speed, safety, and processes that reduce the risk of infection.

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There are specific products that need to be used for each kitchen cleaning requirement. PioChem offers a wide variety of Anti-bacterial, Surface cleaner, Disinfectant, and Stain remover products. Know More…


PioChem’s products for Water Treatment for various scenarios and industrial processes. Know More…

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Our High Performing Products

Rapid 12 - High Performance Hand Care

Rapid 12 – Dennisil Soft Gel Hand Wash – A high performance anti-bacterial hand wash that contains excellent moisturizing capabilities.

For Laundry

Polyvin AAO

Conc. universal main wash detergent containing unique formula suitable for all colored and white fabrics.

Duran Nova Det (XL – 500)

Conc. single solution emulsifier for removing all types of grease stains and fatty/oily soils. Super specialised product.

For Kitchen

Rapid 19

Multi-Grade Pot Wash – Conc. Manual Liquid Dish Wash – Specially formulated rinse aid for cleaning all high-valued utensils and stubborn food residues on hard surfaces in food premises.

Rapid 24

Noo.. Bact Sanit-Det – Kitchen Surface Cleaner Cum Sanitizer – Conc. liquid disinfectant for cleaning and disinfection of all food surfaces in one step.


For Housekeeping

Rapid 2 

Multipurpose Cleaner – Conc Hard Surface Cleaner – Powerful compound consisting the blend of all cleaning agents that delivers superior degreasing of all hard surfaces

Rapid 21

Alpha Quats Levon – One Step Quaternary Based Multipurpose Disinfectant – Highly concentrated quaternary formula provides excellent one step, effective cleaning and disinfection.

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Our Amazing Clients

What our clients say

We had been considering our options for laundry solutions; when we were introduced to PSC about 14 years ago. The products and services from PSC define quality and have met our high expectations. Competitive prices and quick responses to challenges have created a professional partnership that we at ITC value immensely.

ITC Hotels


It feels great to work with a company that offers this great level of service and products. In the hotel industry things can come up very fast, whether it be an urgent need for a hygiene product, or a laundry stain issue that needs taken care of fast, in order to keep the hotel running smooth and the customers happy, PSC has always been very quick to help.

Westin Hotels & Resorts


After hearing how good their products are and trying a few samples, my team of housekeepers and I have been very impressed with the quality of the products. Our linen comes out very white and extremely soft. Our housekeepers have noticed how well the cleaning sprays work when cleaning the bathrooms and mirrors. They don’t leave any streaks and they leave everything smelling nice and fresh in the rooms.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation



Getting more done with less

Creating a sustainable operating environment is the mainstay of our existence in this business.

We are deeply committed in solving current and future sustainability challenges like reducing emissions, water consumption and energy, favoring a circular economy – in recycling, waste management, advocating higher efficacy in use of essential raw materials or finding substitutes, ultimately working towards creating a sustainable operating environment

Best Solution Under Affordable Price

Our wide range of high-performance cleaning products has been designed that will help save your time, resources, and money while delivering real operational efficiencies.